Organisation: Carlisle City Council 

Partners: Allerdale Borough Council, Barrow Borough Council, Eden District Council, South Lakeland District Council, National Landlords Association (NLA)

Timescale: Ongoing since May 2014

Catalyst for initiative/activity:

Ensuring a uniform landlord accreditation scheme across Cumbria and cutting down on inspections of properties with higher standard of conditions and responsible landlords, allowing time to focus on those with poorer standards.

Brief summary:

Jointly encouraging landlords to improve management and property standards.

Promotion and support of NLA accreditation by all five districts.


Improving accommodations and property management standards in all five districts. Ensuring landlords undertake CPD to update there skills. Reduction in officer time spent on responsible landlords. Ensuring good standards of student accommodation for those students looking to rent through the University of Cumbria, student PAD site in three districts Council areas.

Further project detail downloads:

Carlisle City Landlord Accreditation Scheme.doc

Carlisle Poster Eden District Council Media Release.doc