How to use this resource

This resource is designed around a series of themes:

• Physical health
• Mental health and wellbeing
• Community and place

iStock_6Within each of these themes, you will find the key housing issues where there is evidence of a negative impact on health outcomes and a relationship with health inequalities. These include, for example: cold homes and fuel poverty; overcrowding; crime; access to green spaces. References for the evidence are provided.

A ‘policy framework and guidance’ section describes the national policy and legislative framework, and related guidance. This will help you understand the government’s and others’ ambitions for housing and health, and the tools they have provided to enable local areas to achieve these ambitions. This will enable you to identify opportunities for action within your locality, and any local challenges that the national framework does not currently support or prioritise.

Relevant case studies and links to external resources will enhance your understanding of the issues and options to address these.

This resource also provides advice and guidance to develop a housing and health profile for your locality which can be used to inform the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, related strategies and commissioning plans.